2017 ASU Election: Presidential Platforms

February 13, 2017 Andrew Haskett 0

On February 13th and 14th remember to VOTE: To view the Athenaeum’s full print coverage online visit: https://issuu.com/theath And to vote online please visit: https://central2.acadiau.ca/elections/asu —————————————————————————————- Grace […]

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Trump Takeover

January 24, 2017 Josée Léger 0

By the time this is published Trump will have been sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. Perhaps there is already […]

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Canadians Are Racist Too

December 8, 2016 Sarah Bachar 1

Social action seems to be running rampant in the United States currently, pushing against systemic racism in the United States. Indigenous peoples in the United […]

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World Wide Web of Crime

November 19, 2016 Josée Léger 0

The Internet is a wide and wonderful world where you can talk to anyone, be anyone, buy anything, or see any place with only the click of a button. But there […]