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Empty Ovens

February 21, 2018 Thomas Morgan 0

The smell of ash and winter clung to her stockings like the babies her husband prayed for. Itchy and tight, she couldn’t resist a scratch. […]

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The alt-nah

February 21, 2018 Kyle Thompson Clement 0

A silent political fringe so low-key they’ve never actually been classified. Enter, the alt-nah… Typically, nobody would actually identify as being part of the alt-nah […]

Red Bullet

February 21, 2018 Thomas Morgan 0

She was a flame. The hot red poker was always cracking down on my fingers as I reached to grab the black butt on the […]

Those Smoky Eyes

March 21, 2017 Thomas Morgan 0

Her eyes were dark and smoky. His eyes were dazed and glazed. His senses dulled. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt something real, […]

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November 20, 2016 Thomas Morgan 0

He was drugs and drugs were him. They were circling through his system as oxygen would. He floated among the clouds as the drugs suffered […]