The Amazing Wheelchair Race

Have you ever wanted to take part in the Amazing Race, but have never had the opportunity? Well, now is your chance! November 2nd, 1:30-5:30, there will be a race around Acadia for a chance to win prizes, such as a tasting and tour for you and your friends to the Annapolis Cider Company, and some free scott skins from Joes Food Emporium, not to mention free hot chocolate. The only catch? You have to do it while in a wheelchair.

For people living with muscular dystrophy, or other limitations that require the use of a wheelchair, Acadia University is not an easy place to get around. Each location provides unique challenges, most of which the able-bodied population does not recognize. This event hopes to highlight areas on campus that are very difficult to access for those who have physical disabilities. It will be a fun and friendly competition, and the organizers hope it will also stir up a conversation about areas in need of improvement on campus. To partake in this event, go to the Facebook page and sign up on the google document. Participants will race in teams of two, taking turns completing obstacles. So, grab a friend and get ready to race, this will be an event you don’t want to miss!