Today is hard

November 19, 2015 Contributors 0

Today is hard Today is weird For sake of vanity I will not mention What happened last is clear Another Radical angle Another Line portrayed […]

Good Vibrations

November 19, 2015 Contributors 0

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Whether incorporated into solo or partner based play, vibrators have been causing a buzz for years. Today’s vibrators are easy to purchase, […]

Instrument Gender Bias

November 19, 2015 Contributors 1

Why are certain instruments associated with certain genders? Why do women tend to play instruments that are higher in range, softer in dynamic, and more […]

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Equality at Acadia

November 19, 2015 Contributors 0

An Open Letter from the kNOwMORE Team Hey Acadia! Did you know that our school doesn’t have a full-time Equity Officer? Currently, administration has only […]