February 12, 2019 Taylor McKnight 0

A peaceful brook, the dew-coated ferns A wise old Corsican pine The smell of all my Gran’s clothes and gifts Whisk me stray back to […]


January 14, 2019 Jeremy Ayotte 0

To the stranger sitting by the window With a glass of whiskey on the table. Eyes staring out into limbo A black round bowler hat […]

Dear Laughter

January 9, 2019 Julia Coldwell 0

When we were young we planted trees; broken branches, shoved in the ground. Meeting at the stop sign every day to race forward through another […]


January 9, 2019 Julia Coldwell 0

Trees harbour squirrels and other small strangers. Fog and gloom to rise at dawn and settle at dusk. The lurking cold presents dangers to every […]

Foggy Serenity

January 7, 2019 Julia Coldwell 0

Lose yourself in the fog, the pacing of the waves on ancient volcanic rock, blind to urgent futures. Distance becomes misty between craggy cliffs, scrubbing […]