October 2, 2018 Rylie Moscato 0

I try to push you away, try to tell you stop, But you keep pushing, keep prodding my heart.   I’m a criminal, I know […]


September 29, 2018 Thomas Morgan 0

Well the time had come at last To rest my heart and ease my past I’m gonna leave that pain behind For some other fool […]


March 26, 2018 Thomas Morgan 0

  I am not falling. I am not still. I am fabricated by false realities Your lies settle beneath the surface, under my skin. My […]


March 26, 2018 Thomas Morgan 0

  Whenever I tune my guitar, You. Whenever I look at the stars, You, My heart is scarred Threw My vision blurred Me I don’t […]

The Lecturer

March 26, 2018 Thomas Morgan 0

  You collected our eyelashes in jars Hoarding our stolen wishes for yourself Starving like birds, mouths opened wide were ours You fed us your […]